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Top L-R: Alec Benjamin, MOONZz, Dante Palminteri, Bottom L-R: Bridesmen, Sam Smith, HAVEN

Happy Music Monday! Our music picks are in and include new tracks by StarShine favorites like Haven, Chaz Cardigan, and Katelyn Tarver (who I interviewed way back in her American Juniors days!)

Each week I get sent tons of music to review and I always keep an open mind, especially with new artists. I have to say I was introduced to so many great new or indie artists this week that they beat out most of the top 40 artists for me.

Dante Palminteri’s “I Don’t Even Know You” and Bridesmen’s “The Times” are incredibly catchy and addictive that I want to immerse myself into the rest of their body of work.

Sam Smith’s new song “To Die For” came out Friday and he released it with a message: “This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine’s Day xx.”

“Desert Heat” by Michigan Rattlers is a nice little rock & roll throwback that we’d love to hear more of.

See our full playlist below featuring Kim Petras, Christian Paul, and Lowen along with some standout song lyrics from the list! Follow me on Spotify to listen to all of the StarShine Magazine playlists and podcast!

StarShine's Weekly Song Spotlight!

  1. MOONZz – Runnin’
  2. Sam Smith – To Die For
  3. HAVEN – Be With You
  4. Bridesmen – The Times
  5. Kim Petras – Reminds Me
  6. Michigan Rattlers – Desert Heat
  7. Christian Paul – Maria
  8. Lowen – Just F**kin’ Let Me Love You
  9. Dante Palminteri – I Don’t Even Know You
  10. HRVY – Me Because Of You
  11. Tame Impala – Breathe Deeper
  12. Alec Benjamin – Oh My God
  13. Madison Beer – Selfish
  14. Monsta X – You Can’t Hold My Heart
  15. Sabrina Carpenter – Honeymoon Fades
  16. Sj, Katelyn Tarver – Heaven
  17. Sam Fender – Hold Out
  18. AJR – Bang!
  19. Chaz Cardigan – Being Human
  20. Cold War Kids – Who’s Gonna Love Me Now

Notable Lyrics

“I've been cut down like a diamond Trying to, trying to move with the lightning/Always been quick on my toes follow where the chaos goes.”
"Now my eyes are open to the realization. All of these thoughts and prayers are falling on deaf ears."
"The Times"
“So say hello to being human/We’re all just dancing on a timeline/And no one knows where the hell we’re going/We’re all f*cked up and we’re alright.”
Chaz Cardigan - Vulerabilia
Chaz Cardigan
"Being Human"
“My mom threw all my sh*t right out the door. My dad said he don't trust me anymore. Everything I had, I let it go just to be with you.”
"Be With You"
"I wish that I was homeward bound I'm searching for a signal, holding out my phone/Have I gone too far, am I on my own?"
alec benjamin
Alec Benjamin
"Oh My God"
“Pink lemonade sippin' on a Sunday Couples holding hands on a runway They're all posing in a picture frame/Whilst my world's crashing down”
Sam Smith
Sam Smith
"To Die For"