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Here are our song highlights of the week from Hayley Williams, Asher Angel, Johnny Stimson, All Time Low + more.

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Not OK Single Artwork - Chaz Cardigan

"Not OK!" - Chaz Cardigan

Earlier in the week, we featured Chaz in a spotlight predicting he will be an instant hit! Give his Capitol Records/Loud Robot debut single "Not OK!" a listen and you won't be disappointed!

Twin Atlantic

"Barcelona" - Twin Atlantic

Twin Atlantic dropped their new album, "Power" on Friday. The trio's new single "Barcelona" has a shout along chorus that makes it instantly likeable.

Izzy Thomas

"Mad" - Izzy Thomas

In the new track "Mad", London artist Izzy Thomas calls out a lover for not being open about their feelings in the most melodic way. This tune is sure to be played by broken and fed up hearts all over the world.

Johnny Stimson

"Hallelujah" - Johnny Stimson

No, this isn't another overdone remake of THAT "Hallelujah". This song by Johnny Stimson is an entirely new tune wrapped in soulful vocals, synths, and heartbreaking lyrics.

Christian Paul

"Chapter" - Christian Paul

Blending smooth R&B with pop, Christian Paul showcases his high falsetto range on "Chapter". "You’re my favorite page in this chapter, I go over and over again," Christian sings on the soulful love song.

Asher Angel

"Chills" - Asher Angel

Teen pop sensation Asher Angel is giving fans "Chills" with his new song. Twinged with a '90s boy band flavor, "Chills" is catchy and feels familiar enough to appeal to all pop loving generations.

Hayley Williams

"Simmer" - Hayley Williams

It's been a long time coming - 15 years to be exact - that we've been waiting for Paramore's lead singer to give us a solo album. Her debut full-length album, "Petals For Armor" will be released in May. Her first single off the album, "Simmer" is subdued compared to what we're used to from Hayley Williams, but it still gives off a pithy attitude we expect and love from her.

Kelsea Ballerini

"la" - Kelsea Ballerini

Kelsea Ballerini reflects on her feelings with the city of Los Angeles in this soft, but pretty tune. "I've got a love and hate relationship with LA". The pop-country singer-songwriter even quips over her guilt of sometimes enjoying it: "Will Tennessee be mad at me?"

JP Cooper

"In These Arms" - JP Cooper

With a voice that can be compared to Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake, JP Cooper brings a beautiful and vibey sing along tune with "In These Arms".

All Time Low

"Some Kind of Disaster" - All Time Low

Full disclosure - I love All Time Low and I'm so glad the band finally released new music! Lead singer Alex Gaskarth sent this message with the release of the song: “Your favourite Disaster, All Time Low, have returned with their new single, ‘Some Kind of Disaster’ – blood, sweat and tears, we’ve done this dance a thousand times, but it’s all for you, and it feels right. We hope you love it like we do.”

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