You are currently viewing Video of the Week: Kalliah – “Charade”

Kalliah (pronounced Kah-lee-ya) is an emerging pop artist originally from Canada, but now living in Los Angeles.  Her wild blonde curls with a streak of pink are the perfect reflection of Kalliah’s personality and music.


Getting her start in Nashville as a songwriter and backup singer, Kalliah is now kicking butt as a pop artist. Her most recent music video, “Charade“, sends a message about how easily we’re taken in by technology.  Not only is “Charade” our video of the week, but you can expect to learn more about Kalliah in the coming weeks since she’s a StarShine Discover Artist!

We’ll be introducing you to Kalliah and her music through interviews, videos, and a giveaway!  Stay tuned… for now, enjoy “Charade” and check out our Kalliah playlist on YouTube!

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