You are currently viewing Video of the Week: Ferris Pier – “Lift Me Up” Featuring Abby Cates


Here’s a good Monday pick-me-up from LA-based producer Ferris Pier and Abby Cates (The Voice)! The music video for their collab “Lift Me Up” features a young woman literally dancing down the street, which is sometimes awkward, but at the same time refreshing. It puts us in that whole dance like no one’s watching frame of mind. Ferris Pier’s music is largely inspired by LA’s energetic glow, combining electronic dance beats with pop.

The “Lift Me Up” visuals remind us to dream big and dive into the unknown. The song and the video serve as a fantastic debut for The Voice’s crowd favorite, Abby Cates!

Check out the video below and let us know what you think!

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