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Household names like Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Craig, and Christian Bale make playing iconic crime-fighting roles look effortless and fearless. While these men are undoubtedly talented and charismatic, they do have help from an unsung hero: stunt double and performer Bobby Holland Hanton.

Most known for his work doubling as Thor in the Marvel franchise, the British-born stunt performer’s body of work includes over 50 films. Bobby’s worked with all of the famous Chrises – Chris Evans in Captain America: The First Avenger, Chris Pine for a small scene in Wonder Woman, Christian Bale in The Dark Knight Rises, and of course, Chris Hemsworth on several of his films.

StarShine chatted with Bobby in the fall 2020 issue of StarShine Magazine about how he got into movie stunts, his relationship with Chris Hemsworth, and being a fitness trainer for Centr.

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Bobby started out in gymnastics and didn’t even know film stuntman was a real job. “I was an ‘80s child and growing up, Bruce Lee, Van Damme, and Rocky Balboa, and all of those films [with] Dolph Lundgren, Arnold Schwarzenegger… I loved them!” Bobby told us. “Social media wasn’t around, the internet was very new, so I didn’t even know that stunt performers existed. They’re action stars and they do a lot [of stunts] themselves, but I didn’t even know that being a stunt performer was a job option until I was a lot older.”

When asked about how the Centr app came to be, he discussed how passionate Chris Hemsworth was about the idea and that he wanted to make something that was for mind and body, and something that didn’t require you to spend hours at the gym.

“A lot of people get very daunted by – and I get daunted by – the look of Chris,” Bobby shared. “I mean, he’s ridiculous, but when you break it down and the programs that we do… When you get involved in a community and you start training together, it just becomes very important people are then motivated by that and a healthier lifestyle. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you do two reps, if you do 100 reps. If you do something, it’s better than nothing and it’s going to help you mentally, physically, everything. It will make you feel better tenfold.”

Read much more of our interview with Bobby about his impressive career in the fall 2020 issue of StarShine Magazine available in print on Blurb and digitally on Magzter.

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