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Sometimes it takes time to get into a new song or music artist. That’s not the case with pop singer-songwriter, Haven. I was instantly under her spell as soon as I heard her upcoming single, “Swimming In Your Feelings”. The single will be available across all listening platforms on November 1st, but that isn’t stopping the 21k+ followers on Haven’s Instagram from jumping on board early.

Haven continues to tease her fans with rehearsal and live clips of her performing songs off her upcoming album, but StarShine was fortunate enough to receive an advanced listen. While the tracklisting is still being finalized, I’ve been spoiled with over 20 songs of pop indulgence. There isn’t one song I heard that can’t be a future hit, a feat that’s not accomplished easily. Most albums we listen to or review have at least one song that is just okay, but Haven knocks it out of the park on every track!



Photo by Storm Santos

Hailing from the small town of Moville, Iowa, Haven’s roots began in country music and took her to Nashville at 12-years-old where she was quickly recognized as a singer-songwriter. At just 15, Haven toured with Thomas Rhett, Lady Antebellum, Toby Keith, and Hunter Hayes.

It was on the road that Haven was exposed to a wider variety of music and fell in love with pop! Now at 20, Haven is excited to be launching herself as a pop artist.

With her sweet, sultry voice, weaving in and out of falsetto, and laced over beautifully layered beats, Haven had us from the first note. With the combination of her talent, style, and personality, Haven is the next coming of the pop princess.

Listen to our exclusive preview of "Swimming In Your Feelings" below!
Scroll down to get to know Haven in our interview with her!

Growing up, you weren’t exposed to a lot of pop music. Do you remember the first pop song you heard that changed your mind about the direction you wanted to take in your career?

There wasn’t one specific song that changed my mind, but I would say Bazzi & Julia Michaels music really opened the door to a whole new world of music, melodies, and production for me. When I started really digging into their projects, I realized there was so much more I could be doing creatively. Once I opened myself up to the possibility of writing pop music, the music and melodies started to flow out of me. From that moment, I knew I was meant to be singing pop music.

At 15, you were touring with all of these awesome country artists. What path did you take to get there?

Yes, I did! I’m still so thankful for those opportunities! I seriously learned so much from them. When I was nine, I bought a guitar with my birthday money and started playing it everywhere. I never stopped playing and took every opportunity I could. Then around 12-years-old, I started fronting a band, doing around 100 dates a year, and opening for acts I had always looked up to, which was an incredible experience that I’m so grateful for.

Now you’re getting ready to release your first pop single. What can you tell us about it?

I am so excited to finally release this music! My first single, “Swimming In Your Feelings,” is out November 1st! I feel like most of us have felt like we’re swimming in somebody’s feelings at some point. It sucks to be led on or mistreated by someone, it makes absolutely no sense. Even though it’s technically a breakup song, I wanted it to still feel like a jam and not just another sad song. So I hope y’all turn it up and enjoy it! 🙂

Tell us about the writing and recording process for your debut album.

I’ve been writing almost every day for years. I’ve been in the studio every day, working super hard. I had to make myself be really patient, so I could perfect everything before releasing it. I’ve been writing for this project for over a year. The writing and recording process is different every time, though. Sometimes I come in with a lyric idea or concept in mind and then sometimes we just start jamming out to a track. When that happens, I start humming melodies that come to me and write whatever I’m feeling in that moment. 

Photo by Storm Santos

Who’s one person you really hope to work with someday?

Oh, my goodness! There are so many people haha 🙂 But I would have to say I’d love to work with Julia Michaels, Bazzi, Post Malone or Shania Twain. Those are my top 4 musical inspirations at the moment. 

Any tours or cool things going on you want to share with our readers?

“Swimming In Your Feelings” is on Spotify & all streaming platforms November 1st! I’m looking forward to touring again and connecting with all of my fans that make this all possible. I’m always writing & recording new music, so there’s lots more music to come. 

What would you like to say to all of your fans and future fans out there?

It’s such an amazing blessing to have people who care about what I’m doing and the music I’m making. Without my fans, I wouldn’t be able to do this. So I am incredibly thankful for every person that follows my journey. You can find me at @iamhavenmusic! Come say hi! I love talking to y’all and staying in touch!! I’m so excited to share this new music with you! 🙂

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