The Casserole Club: Intense, Funny, Quirky & Raw

Directed by Steve Balderson and starring breakout actors Susan Traylor and Kevin Scott Richardson, "The Casserole Club" offers an interesting look into the lives of several couples of the 1960's.  At times throughout the film, you feel like you're watching an old sitcom as the characters put up a facade of the All-American household while calling…

Backstreet Boys: Outstanding Onstage & Backstage

Approaching the House of Blues in Atlantic City, one would think there was a semi-formal event taking place. Young females clad in short skirts, tight tops and heels lined up outside. What threw most onlookers for a loop was the young men sporting Backstreet Boys t-shirts. Yes, surprisingly enough--it was the men showing the pride while…

Album Spotlight: Brian Littrell – Welcome Home

Welcome Home is the debut solo project from Backstreet Boy, Brian Littrell. Unlike his bandmate, Nick Carter, who merged onto the rock/pop scene in 2002, Littrell's roots stem as far back as to when he was five-years-old. Growing up Christian and diagnosed with a heart condition, Littrell counted his blessings and ministered his beliefs through music,…

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