The CW Releases Extended Trailer for Katy Keene

Upcoming show Katy Keene, based on the Archie Comics of the same name, is set to be a part of The CW's mid-season 2020 lineup. Starring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as the title character, Ashleigh Murray reprising her Riverdale role of Josie McCoy, Jonny Beauchamp (Penny Dreadful) as Jorge/Ginger Lopez, and Julia Chan (Saving Hope)…

Riverdale Season 3 Bloopers

The CW recently made a "Riverdale" season 3 blooper reel that premiered at San Diego Comic Con last week available on YouTube. Enjoy your favorite cast members breaking character and having some laughs. We also get to see a few appearances by the late Luke Perry whom we all miss as Archie's dad, Fred Andrews.

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