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Vasilios Filippakis is the star and creator of Fak Yaass – a dramedy web series now available on YouTube about a young Greek gay man whose family is struggling with his sexuality.

Vasilios shares what he hopes the series will do for the LGBT community, if gay clubs really go shirtless, and the awesome close-knit cast.

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Scene from Fak Yaass

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More About Vasilios Filippakis + Fak Yaass

Bulldog Productions highly popular dramedy series FAK YAASS, following the story of Nico Nicolakis and his big Greek family as they journey through accepting Nico no matter his sexuality, is now available to audiences worldwide as it makes its official international premiere on April 1, 2020 on YouTube

Showing the clash between old tradition and the new age, millennial Nico, played by Vasilios Filippakis, struggles with the idea of returning home, where he’s always felt judged and unworthy. With the help of his friends, Anton (Shadrack Jackman) and Torri (Leanne Noelle Smith), Nico’s heart begins to let his family in and his family starts to accept him for who he is, until a secret family scheme may ruin that forever. 

The season begins in a busy gay nightclub in the heart of Toronto. We see Nico expressing his sexuality unapologetically suffering from the hurt by his unaccepting family and the struggle he faces as an actor in the city. A sudden late-night phone call from his mom leaves Nico unsure if he would even be wanted as a caregiver by his Grandpa. As we move through the episodes we gradually see where his strife comes from. Nico eventually proves to his family that being gay is not the only trait that defines him, “FAK YAASS”

Fakes – pronounced “fah-kehs”- is an authentic Greek lentil dish that will be featured in the series. A play on the words created the title FAK YAASS, with “YAASS” also being known as a slang term for “yes” just with more emphasis expressing excitement and enthusiasm 

“We are so excited for everyone in the world to finally watch what’s been a labour of love for all of us.” said FAK YAASS creator and star Vasilios Filippakis. “FAK YAASS has the heart of family, love and understanding, but the coming of age reality of when the new world clashes with the old. We want you to be able to see yourself, your family, your friends and aspects of your life that you can relate to and understand or maybe even question. FAK YAASS is real, raw, grounded in love and doesn’t hold back. It holds authenticity and truth, displays “love is love” no matter what, while using coarse language and realistic comedy to set the tone. This show will make you laugh, cry and leave you wanting more.” 

FAK YAASS stars Vasilios Filippakis, Leanne Noelle Smith, Shadrack Jackman, and Stephanie Herrera. The show is directed by Matthew McLaughlin, executive produced by Les Tomlin and written by Anthony Filangeri under Bulldog Productions. The series also feature three new original songs and an original score which is available on Spotify under FAK YAASS – The Soundtrack

Bulldog Productions is an independent production company based in Toronto, Canada that specializes in commercial campaigns, philanthropy and short films. Since the birth of Bulldog Productions, it has been operating under Creative Director Matthew McLaughlin. Now going into its 10th year, Bulldog Productions operates as a collective that generates all creative development in house. In short, Bulldog Productions is both a creative agency and a production company. 

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