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British artist Gorran has had Spotify success receiving over 100k streams in a few short weeks on songs “Easy For You” and “Hush”.  Gorran recently released his much-anticipated song to date, “I Don’t Love You Anymore”.  The sad, yet beautifully agonizing track is about a love lost.

“I was finding it incredibly difficult to express exactly what I was trying to say lyrically in those last few weeks of being with her – it was only once we ended the relationship that I found I was able to completely let go and properly finish the song. It really helped me come to terms with how I was feeling, and how I had been feeling for quite a while. It became clear that the verses were a poetic summary of the fundamental weaknesses in the relationship. The middle 8 was the last section I wrote, and were some of the most painful lyrics I’ve ever had to write, as I realized whilst writing it that it was one final parting note to the person I thought I loved. The song honestly means more to me than almost anything,” Gorran shared when asked about the personal story of the song.

Listen to the song below and check out all of StarShine’s 2019 Songs of the Week on Spotify.

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