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This week was big with new albums from amazing artists like Selena Gomez, Devon Gilfillian, and the Dolittle soundtrack, so make sure you check them out!

Here are our song highlights of the week from Sia, Charlee Remitz, John Legend + more.

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"Nothing Blooms Quite Like A Heartache" - Charlee Remitz

Charlee wrote, produced, and mixed this '80s vibing synth pop track and we love it! The song is off her upcoming album, "Garden" releasing January 17th. “For this track, I wanted the airy percussion and booming synths tie in directly to the garden theme, to illustrate sonically that growth requires patience and sadness," says Charlee.

"Rare" - Selena Gomez

The title track off Selena Gomez's new album feels like an instant hit. The pop song's message is to value oneself and to find someone who makes you feel "rare".

"You Should Be Sad" - Halsey

Off her much anticipated 3rd album "Manic", which releases January 17th, Halsey dropped the single "You Should Be Sad" along with the video. The catchy song delivers lyrics with a bite about a person who turned out to be less than what they portrayed themself as.

"Guilty Conscience" - 070 Shake

Described as emo-rap, 070 Shake is making an impact on music with her much anticipated debut album on January 17th. She released "Guilty Conscience" off the album this week mixing together beautiful vocals and an addictive chorus.

"Hashslingin' Blues" - Francesca Brown

If you love old country like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn, then you need to listen to Francesca Brown. "Hashslingin' Blues" is the story of a burnt out waitress that anyone who's worked in food service will relate to. In fact, this could be their anthem!

"Anthem" - Connor Bvrns with Bonn

19-year-old producer Connor Bvrns brings us "Anthem" featuring the amazing vocals of Bonn. This song is sure to be a hit much like "Closer" was for The Chainsmokers.

"Bulletproof" - Ashley Puckett

Mix Carrie Underwood with Miranda Lambert and what do you get? Ashley Puckett's fiery track "Bulletproof" - a fun jam to sing and dance along to!

"24 Hours" - Georgia

A fun, dancy pop song that feels like it could be remixed a million different ways and blasted in clubs around the world. "24 Hours" feels like it could have come out in the '80s or '90s, but it's that type of song that any clubgoer will want to get on the floor for.

"Conversations in the Dark" - John Legend

As always, John Legend doesn't fail to deliver a heartfelt song full of sentimentality and painting a picture of how all love stories should be. "Conversations in the Dark" already feels like a familiar hit.

"Original" - Sia

Sia is certainly an original and she's encouraging the world to be one as well. "I won't change myself when they tell me no", she sings in what sure is to be an anthem against bullying and for anyone who doesn't feel like they fit in.

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