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We’re kicking off 2020 with a new tradition: weekly music roundups of our favorite songs of the week!

The last week of 2019 going into 2020 brought on new music by pop star/actress Hailee Steinfeld, country star Sam Hunt, teen sensation Jet Jurgensmeyer, soul artist Devon Gilfillian, and more.

Scroll down to hear about each new song and get the Spotify playlist!

"Yummy" - Justin Bieber

The Biebs is back with new song "Yummy", which will be on his upcoming 5th album. The song feels like a throwback to Justin's younger days. While lyrically, "Yummy" isn't anything great, it has that catchy Bieber swag that we can't help but enjoy... even if we don't always admit it!

"Wrong Direction" - Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee's emotional and somber, but beautiful ballad "Wrong Direction" hits the nail on the head with its relatable lyrics. “I’ve learned how easy it is to fall in love with the idea of falling in love and more importantly how hard it can be to accept the reality of losing yourself in someone else’s version of the word," Hailee says about the track she wrote with Lowell, Skyler Stonestreet and KOZ, who also produced it.

"Parachute" - Jet Jurgensmeyer

I just love the pure, exuberant energy of singer/actor Jet Jurgensmeyer! His latest single, "Parachute" is the perfect expression of his personality, which is full of passion, grace, and excitement. You can catch Jet on the new season of "Last Man Standing" now airing!


"Chills" - Why Don't We

"Chills" delivers your typical melodic and catchy chorus the boy band is known for combined with some edgy-ish, rappish verses. Why Don't We has spent the latter part of 2019 releasing a song a month in preparation for their upcoming 2020 album release.

"Sinning With You" - Sam Hunt

I bet Christians who gave into pre-marital sex are thanking Sam Hunt for releasing a song they can relate to, but I'm sure some conservatives feel the song is going against their beliefs. Either way, it's a beautiful love song that basically says when you know it's right, it's right.

"Changes" - Lauv

The latest single from Lauv is perfectly timed with the new year, which is about looking toward the future and figuring out what to fix about yourself, or how sometimes you just can't change certain things, but "it's all gonna work out someday". Definitely a great song to listen to to lift you up!


"Call Me" - Carly Pearce

Nashville singer Carly Pearce brings us "Call Me" - a fun, bouncy song that makes you want to grab a "friend", and have some fun. "For a good time, call me. Baby, you won't be sorry," Carly sings on the flirty track.

"When I Ruled The World" - Hannah Grace

Hannah Grace delivers a powerful performance on "When I Ruled The World". Her gorgeous vocals are accompanied by a low-key piano. Just look at the lyrics to this beautiful chorus: "All of the sorrow, but all of the joy/It's just a lie, say goodbye to yesterday/And when I ruled the world, oh/It was the first time you danced with me/And it all came up like a symphony"

"Stay A Little Longer" - Devon Gilfillian

Groove-filled singer Devon Gilfillian brings a sexy-smooth performance on "Stay A Little Longer". His sultry vocals combined with an intoxicating beat, and lyrics that speaks about falling for someone, makes "Stay A Little Longer" the perfect romantic mood music.


"Happy" - Oh Wonder

Alt-pop duo, Oh Wonder come at us with a soft open that jumps into an upbeat chorus that brings on such a joyful feeling, making "Happy" a fitting title. The song is about getting over an ex and feeling happy to be rid of them.

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