You are currently viewing Song Spotlight: May 2020 – Loren Gray, Lady Gaga, Shinedown + more!

We’re changing our song spotlight from weekly to monthly! Why? Because we love long playlists that we can let play for hours. We’ll still be adding songs to the playlist on a weekly basis and you can follow along and watch it grow! Make sure you’re following me on Spotify.

We’re also allowing you to submit song suggestions! Scroll down to see our submission form.

For the end of May, we added new music by Loren Gray, Lady Gaga + Ariana Grande, Shinedown, Corey Harper, Carson Lueders, and more, bringing our playlist to 40 songs that we think you might like! 

Song Spotlight Submission Form

We are now taking suggestions for June 2020. Please make sure the song has been released in the past 4 weeks or will be released in June.