Song Spotlight: June 2020 – Teddi Gold, Voix, Tyla Yaweh + more

This month had me paying more attention to so many amazing artists that aren’t on radio. One of the good things about quarantine is all of the amazing performances and acoustic versions of songs that have been coming out.

It’s really a great time to discover new music from indie artists that you might stumble upon on Instagram or YouTube.

For instance, when I heard Chloe Caroline’s single “Everywhere I Go” — I knew instantly I wanted it on our monthly playlist, but I loved it so much that I wanted the StarShine readers to take notice of Chloe and knew she would be perfect to be the first artist to go on our social music tour — a virtual tour across StarShine’s social media channels. Check out her exclusive YouTube performance of “Everywhere I Go” here.

You might learn more about some of the other artists on this playlist in StarShine pretty soon as well … hint, hint!

You’ll notice there aren’t many mainstream artists on this month’s playlist at all. I hope you’ll find a few songs you can really connect with it! Make sure you’re following me on Spotify to keep up with all of our playlists. I already started the July playlist and will be adding to it throughout the month.

Without further adieu, check out some awesome music by Voix, Crys Matthews and Heather Mae, Harry Hudson, Macy Martin + more!

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