You are currently viewing Song of the Week: Valencia James – “Dreamers”

Born in New York, but raised in Sydney, Australia, Valencia James brings us the pop track “Dreamers”.  If any of you have listened to my podcast recently, you know I’m a sucker for anything with the word dream in it. Part of what StarShine Magazine is about is to encourage people to dream, to inspire you, and to maybe be a part of the dreams of the rising stars we feature.


Valencia reveals, “I wrote Dreamers at a time in my life when I was learning how to dream again and believe in dreams that I had forgotten about. It’s kind of that song where I was just like, ‘Why can’t I do all the things that I want to?’ I had just come out of a period of depression about my future and this was my song … let’s all just start dreaming again and going for what we want in life”.

She gets us!

Valencia’s gorgeous vocals, empowering lyrics and uplifting beat is reminiscent of a softer, female version of a Thirty Seconds to Mars anthem.  Side note: A duet between Valencia and Jared Leto would be amazing!

Listen to this fabulous song below! Want more of our weekly picks? Check out our 2019 Songs of the Week Playlist on Spotify!

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