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In honor of Father’s Day, we put together a list of sexy movie star dads for you to gawk at. All of these guys were hot before they were dads, but seeing the love they have for their children has pushed them over the top. There is nothing sexier than a guy with a hot bod and a paternal instinct … Enjoy!

Chris Hemsworth

There is one person who always comes to mind whenever you think of sexy dad … Chris Hemsworth! The God of Thunder is known for being a family man and retreats to his Australian home away from the limelight when not making films. His Instagram provides plenty of glimpses into the fun and loving father he is to his three children.

Dwayne Johnson

There is something about seeing a big guy like The Rock with his little girls that just warms our hearts. Seeing this gentle giant trying to convince his daughter that he really is Maui is both endearing and hilarious.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg began his career as a punk kid who did underwear commercials, but coming from a big family — it’s not surprising that he eventually transformed into a family man himself… and he somehow maintained his youthful physique over the years!

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has many charms that make him sexy: a cute face, a sarcastic sense of humor, a hot bod, and anecdotes about fatherhood that make him relatable. 

Chris Pratt

While Chris Pratt has a boyish charm about him and often plays up a feigned dimness, underneath that, he’s all heart. Chris looks like the kind of guy that truly enjoys fatherhood and that’s super sexy.

Taye Diggs

Taye Diggs has always been known for his sex appeal and that killer smile, but the way he bonds with his son really completes the package.

Ryan Gosling

Maybe you’ve noticed you haven’t seen or heard much from Ryan Gosling. That’s because he’s been putting family first. The First Man star is known for being a hands-on dad and often gives his partner, Eva Mendes breaks and takes his daughters out for the day.

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