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StarShine has the exclusive music video premiere of Fresh Lady’s new single, “Shoot For The Moon”. The video was directed by Athena Kulb who teamed up with Fresh Lady to create a retro upbeat visual shot entirely on Super 8.

The song and video are a reminder of how badass you can be when you believe in yourself.

Here is what Fresh Lady had to say about the song: “Sometimes, I’m the only girl in a room full of incredible musicians, and the feeling that I somehow don’t deserve to be there or don’t belong creeps in. Some days, I feel self-conscious that I’m too thick or past my prime in this business, and that’s simply bullshit.”

Check the song and video out below!

More About the Music Video: "Shoot For The Moon"

Fresh Lady struts and skates through Nashville proper and just outside the city limits, a juxtaposition of industrial cityscape and rolling hills as an ode to Music City where she’s grown a lot the past eight years. Written as a personal pep talk banishing imposter syndrome, each look represents different stages of the process.

Rather than giving up when it gets hard, Fresh Lady channels her overall wearing disco ball dancing alter ego to remind herself she’s still “got the moves”. Using Super 8 film they only had one chance to get the take, echoing the meaning of “what you do with this chance is all up to you.” The film grain evokes the retro vibe in the hook and picks up the colors beautifully. This tune is the perfect daily antidote to hopelessness, an encouraging reminder that hard work and dedication pays off. The music video is a visual manifesto with a 90s-esque color palette of vivid magentas, yellows, and blues.

More About Fresh Lady

Brooklyn born Nashville residing soul singer-songwriter Emma Morcroft goes by the moniker, Fresh Lady. Inspired by vocalists like Nina Simone, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, and Sade, her velvety voice winds you through a minefield of romance, recovery, and self-acceptance. She earned her stripes singing at blues jams at the age of 14 in the NYC scene. Her sound has since progressed into a blend of Jazz, Soul, and R&B elements with a contemporary dash of electronic pop. You can dance the pain away and leave knowing what doesn’t kill you makes this lady write a song.

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