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Praneet Akilla is a rising star, growing his fan base and resume with powerful arcs on various TV series, most notably the now-canceled Netflix series, October Faction and season 2 of The CW’s Nancy Drew. Praneet can currently be seen as Gregorio on the second season of Freeform’s Motherland: Fort Salem.

In a recent interview with StarShine, Praneet said he was grateful to be able to play Gil Bobbsey on Nancy Drew because the Bobbsey Twins were something his mother grew up with and the fact that he, a South Asian actor, was cast in the iconic and more traditionally white role was exciting.

As for his role on Motherland: Fort Salem, Praneet described the character as “snarky” and the “comic relief” of the series, which is something new for him. “I’ve played the brooding dramatic person in these shows, but I’m really not that in real life. I’m much more awkward and shy and sometimes I can be funny. I have an improv background and I like comedy a lot so this gave me the chance to be the funny guy for once.” 

While the Mumbai-born actor was tight-lipped about some of his upcoming roles, he indicated they were more on the gritty dramatic side of things and there were no witches, ghosts, or other supernatural beings in sight. 

All we do know is that we can’t wait to find out Praneet’s next role! In the meantime, catch him on the rest of Motherland: Fort Salem season 2, and who knows if Nancy Drew will bring us more Gil Bobbsey in season 4!

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