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It was reported that Spinning Out, which only premiered on Netflix last month has been canceled. Fans of the series are outraged and are campaigning for season 2. A trending hashtag (#SaveSpinningOut) and numerous petitions have been created to bring the show back.

The series followed figure skater Kat Baker, played by Kaya Scodelario, and not only her struggle with bipolar disorder but her mother (played by January Jones) also has it. The cast includes Willow Shields as Serena Baker, Will Kemp as Mitch, Evan Roderick as Justin, Mitchell Edwards as Marcus, Amanda Zhou as Jenn, Johnny Weir as Gabriel, and Zahra Bentham as Alana.

While it is unclear why Spinning Out was canceled, Newsweek speculated it comes down to the number of views versus how much the series costs to make.

spinning out posterI can’t help but wonder if Netflix is using this cancelation news as a marketing strategy to get more hype from the show. Talks of cancelation get fans to rally together and make a stink which in turn draws in more viewers, wondering why these fans are so passionate.

Only time will tell if Spinning Out will really be done or not. If Netflix is serious about not renewing it, it could end up on another network. After all, the Pop network originally picked up the series, but couldn’t find the correct economical model for it. Maybe there is truth to Newsweek’s theory of the cost of the series being too high.

Recent fan campaigns for canceled series like Anne with an E have not swayed Netflix, but who knows? Sense8 got a 2-hour movie finale due to the fans’ outrage.

Canceled or not, Spinning Out is a fantastic series bringing awareness to bipolar disorder and explores pressure kids feel from their parents to succeed. Fans of movies like The Cutting Edge and Black Swan will love the series’ elements of romance, skating, and at times, dark drama.

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