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Pop-Country artist, Macy Martin is on tour with StarShine this month across all of our platforms! Her first stop is right here on our website in our first interview. Macy’s single “I Miss You” hit #1 on Radio Disney Country and she followed up that success with the release of two more singles, “Enough” and “Stupid”. Read on to get to know Macy and follow the tour to its next stop!

Hi Macy! So great to have you on our social music tour. First, tell us your back story of how you got started in music.

Hi there StarShine! Thanks so much for having me! I always loved to sing and perform from the time I can remember. When I was 14 I had an opportunity to record in Nashville with Dolly Parton’s producer and traveled back and forth from my home state of Texas while in high school to perform and write music. After graduating from high school, I majored in Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville which allowed me to grow my creative community and is a big part of the reason I’m making the music I am today.

Macy Martin

You recently graduated from Belmont University during the quarantine. How did you celebrate in that situation?

I walked across the driveway of my childhood home in my cap and gown since there were no in-person ceremonies, and honestly, it was a blast! My biggest graduation celebration was releasing “Enough” and “Stupid”!

In your own words, what do those two songs mean to you?

Coming out of graduation, especially in quarantine was a big life transition, I wanted to share the most of me, my story, what it is so far, and where I hope it continues to lead with fans. “Enough” was and is my transition anthem. During this pandemic, everyone’s life has been touched by change in some way. Hearing a reminder that you are enough as you are at any time is so important, but especially right now! It’s so special to me to have a song like “Enough” out in the world!

“Stupid” is all about feeling butterflies in the pit of your stomach and relishing in the feeling of falling hard and fast in the early stages of love. I’ve always coined myself as a romantic, because I love the idea of love itself! Often when we look back on a past love we laugh at how “stupid” we acted at the very beginning, I love owning up to this. I mean it keeps the heart young, right?

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Being in Nashville, songwriters are just about at every turn. How do you decide which writers you want to work with?

Because there is so much talent in Nashville, you can never go wrong in who you choose as a co-writer. The key for me has always been to find the people who complement my sound and my vision for a song in the write room.

Tell us about your single “I Miss You”.

“IMY” is like an open letter you write to get the words off your chest, but never send to the person it’s addressed to. Many times when coming out of a breakup, the unspoken expectation is to get past the hurt and move on. “I Miss You” is an example that it’s healthy to reminisce and remember what was good and to learn from that experience. I’m proud to share that sentiment with listeners!

What was your reaction when it hit #1 on Radio Disney Country?

I was visiting my family when I got the news. I didn’t believe it at first when I saw the chart! I thought I had read it wrong at first haha! While everyone else was saying it’s real! That moment was so humbling and I am still so grateful that people have related to and requested “I Miss You” that much! I grew up listening to Radio Disney in the car, and dreamed of one day just being on the station. Looking back now, having shared my first #1 ever with my Radio Disney Country fam is such a full circle feeling!

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What is something you learned throughout quarantine about yourself, your music, and your fans?

Something that I have really leaned into during quarantine is that when you’re uncomfortable that means you are growing. This thought has really made me work on my own craft and reflect on words that really matter to me, and what I want to share. I really think you can hear that in the music I’ve released this year and it has shown a deeper side of me to my fans.

Can we expect a full album in the future?

One day, absolutely! Right now I am loving the opportunity to creatively live out each story that each song I release has!

What are you looking forward to most in 2021?

New music always and I really hope it’s safe to get out on the road and meet people at shows this next year! I’ve really missed performing!

If you could dedicate any song in the world to your fans, which song would it be and why?

BRB! Let me go look at my most listened to songs real quick! 🙂 For sure “Daisies” by Katy Perry, because of their support I have never given up on this crazy dream of mine, and to serve as a reminder for them that no matter how big your dreams may seem, work hard and never lose faith, and they will come!

Macy Martin's Social Music Tour Schedule

✨Monday, 10/26 – We’ll be posting some random fun facts about Macy on our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Follow us: @StarShineMag⁠

✨Thursday, 10/29 – Instagram Takeover with Macy @StarShineMag

⁠✨Thursday, 10/29 – Exclusive YouTube Live Premiere Performance from Macy – 6pm ET/3pm PT

✨Friday, 10/29 – 11/2 – Send in your questions for Macy!
(DM them to us on our socials or email us at

✨Tuesday, 11/3 – Instagram Live: Macy answers fan Q+A at 6pm ET/3pm PT⁠

⁠✨Saturday, 11/7 – IGTV premiere/Facebook Premiere – Catch an encore of Macy’s performance along with fan Q+A on StarShine’s IGTV as part of our #SaturdaySpotlight series.⁠

Watch Macy Martin's exclusive 3-song performance on the StarShine Social Music Tour on YouTube!

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