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Haitian-American singer-songwriter Lu$ released her debut EP Moody today. The 4-track compilation displays Lu$ powerful and sultry vocals and lyrics from a woman won’t take crap from her lover.

The entire EP was written by the Miami native and produced by Terrance Daniels. Each song tells a story about relationship issues and self-care.

 “Moody [EP] is about a girl who is expressing her hurt, confusion, and experiences with love,” Lu$ explains. “We aren’t happy all of the time, sometimes we are sad for no reason. We don’t owe explanations to anyone for the way we feel. Everything will be fine.”

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“Lie To Me” features the catchy hook “You tell me lies, tell me lies, pick a side, pick a side” that will get stuck in your head.

The second track on Moody is “Needed”, a ballad featuring L’Suavo. Lu$’s vocals and style on the song give off vibes of a modern day speakeasy lounge singer.

“Selfish” would definitely make for a great radio single. From the pretty pop-R&B sound and the message of putting yourself first, it’s a hit!

The title track and Lu$’s newest single, “Moody” brings the lounge singer feel, but with the added steam of a seductive songstress in a film noir who’s been accused of murder.

“Moody” has even been chosen as one of our Song Spotlights for June! StarShine is looking forward to see what’s to come from Lu$!

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