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In the fall 2020 issue of StarShine that was released today, brothers, Lorenzo and David Henrie discuss their film, This Is The Year, which premiered virtually late this summer.

Not only did the film reunite several of David’s Wizards of Waverly Place castmates, but This Is The Year was a true family affair with their father, James also serving as producer.

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“We have a production company together to develop TV and film and so we work together behind the screen,” Lorenzo told StarShine. “This was our first thing where David was behind the camera and I was in front of the camera and working together. It was an awesome experience. A dream come true. I can’t wait to do more projects with my brother.”

Equally grateful, David added: “Lorenzo was the lead so he was able to give me what I needed very quickly because we have such a good relationship. Without him, we couldn’t have done it for sure. We had some ambitious shots planned and things. And he really did help us make it happen.”

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