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Photo: Bobby Quillard

Actor Dylan Playfair is quickly becoming a recognizable face. Kids and tweens (and parents) will remember him as Gil in Disney’s Descendants 2 and 3 while others know him as Reilly in the Canadian comedy series, Letterkenny.

In September 2020, Dylan starred in two films, hockey drama Odd Man Rush and teen comedy, Summerland. Next year, Dylan will be in the anticipated Disney+ series, The Mighty Ducks. We asked Dylan Playfair about his latest roles, hockey, and Tom Hanks.

While things have slowed down this year, you had two movies come out in September. Has all of this affected their release and promotion for them?

It’s been pretty crazy on my end of things. Although I’ve had two films come out, they were both filmed pre-COVID. The 2020 I had scheduled looked a lot different than the 2020 we’re experiencing. Although there
have been several projects
pushed to next year, Odd Man
Rush and Summerland are
actually the two projects that
have been on schedule!

Photos by Bobby Quillard

Tell us about your film, Odd Man Rush, and how you’re able to relate to the story.

Certainly, Odd Man Rush is the story of Bill Keenan and his time playing in the European 3rd leagues. It’s a tale of transition from hockey to “real” life, something deeply personal to me being a hockey player turned actor.

I felt I was able to translate some of the authenticity of what happens when we’re forced to decide between one path or another. The film is, for me, a snapshot of that time in life where you decide what your future may hold and that’s what drew me to the film.

Even though you chose to pursue film over hockey, you’ve been fortunate enough to combine your passions in many roles. Is that something you sought out to do?

Honestly, it wasn’t something I really thought about early in my career. I knew hockey would provide some skills when it came to working hard and pursuing a difficult career. However, I never realized how many hockey players I would actually portray in film and TV. It’s been a great opportunity to blend my two loves and although it’s not something I sought out, it’s something I certainly embrace.

Your film Summerland, which also came out in September, seems like a fun teen movie. How would you describe the film and the character you play?

Summerland was such a cool chance to make a movie with my friends. Chris Bawl and Kurtis David Harder reached out to me and right away I was in. I’ve known the guys since Grave Encounters 2 and when they asked if I would come out to make a movie with them I was all in. The fact that it’s a beautiful story was honestly icing on the cake.

Photos by Bobby Quillard

Is there a character you’ve played that you love a little bit more than the rest?

I think every character holds a special place in my heart, it’s kind of like asking a parent to choose a favorite child, haha. That said, I know Reilly (Letterkenny) has brought a lot of joy to a lot of people and that makes me very happy.

You’re going to be in The Mighty Ducks series on Disney+. I’m assuming you were a big fan of the original movies with being into hockey?

My brothers and I still watch the films. We absolutely love The Mighty Ducks and it’s a dream come true to be a part of such a storied franchise.

What’s it been like working on that project?

So far it’s been amazing. COVID put a bit of a halt to production, but we’re back now with all the protocols in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. I’m really looking forward to diving into the character.

You love Tom Hanks. Have you ever gotten to meet him?

Not yet, he’s my “Great White Buffalo”. Credit to Hot Tub Time Machine for that reference. I would love to work on a project with him someday.

What’s your advice to anyone who wants to break out into comedic acting?

Trust your own sense of humor. You’ll never be funny while working to fit into someone else’s sense of humor. It has to come from you, from your unique view of the world. If you find it funny, chances are someone somewhere else will agree.

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