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West Newton, PA-born Kaitlyn August is an up & coming actress who is using her passion for the arts as a form of therapy for post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and anxiety.

In the fifth grade, Kaitlyn and her family moved to Florida. She is one of the survivors of the tragic Parkland School Shooting, but she doesn’t want that moment in her young life to define her.

Now at seventeen, Kaitlyn is working on a short film about her experience and using acting as a way to heal. “The film is a documentary about epilepsy and so far we filmed me getting Mowgli, my service dog,” Kaitlyn shared with StarShine. Kaitlin started out in theater and pageants when she was younger and even booked a commercial. 

Throughout her life, Kaitlyn has participated in many theater and acting classes and credits her mom for being a big help when prepping for a role or project. “My mom helps me read over lines.” Kaitlyn told us before sharing a future goal of hers. “In five years, I hope to see myself on the big screen.” As for the immediate future, Kaitlyn plans to go to college in Los Angeles.

Outside of acting, Kaitlyn is also part of her high school color guard, loves to read, and recently started creating her own jewelry, which she says her best friend Haley got her into. 

What’s Kaitlyn’s advice to other teens trying to pursue acting? “It’s hard and you might not always get the auditions you want. Eventually, if you try hard enough, it will pay off.”

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