If You Love These 10 TV Shows or Movies, You’ll Love Katy Keene!

The CW’s midseason series premiere of Katy Keene is happening tonight. The much-anticipated series stars Lucy Hale in the title role along with Ashleigh Murray, who reprises her Riverdale character Josie McCoy.

The pilot episode does a great job of introducing all of the key roles without trying to cram too much in too fast. We get the gist that Katy is a sensational aspiring fashion designer living in New York, who has a devoted boxer boyfriend, K.O. (Zane Holtz), and a Devil Wears Prada-esque job as a personal shopper.

Katy’s roommate is Jorge Lopez AKA Ginger (Jonny Beauchamp), an aspiring Broadway star, who is tired of being told he’s too feminine by casting directors. Josie, an aspiring singer, is their new roommate who just moved to New York from Riverdale (“the murder capital of the world”).

The three roomies often spend their nights dancing at Molly’s Crisis (a take-off real NYC bar Marie’s Crisis) where Jorge performs drag as Ginger, and are joined by friend Pepper (Julia Chan), dubbed the “most connected person” in NYC.

While Katy Keene is a bit stereotypical for a NY-based TV series. Born and raised in New York, I can guarantee you life in the big apple isn’t all about drag bars, shopping, and finding your big break in one of the many famous city parks. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. I do love a good drag bar after all! New Yorkers are too busy working too much to enjoy all of the delights of the city.

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If you’re not sure if Katy Keene is the show for you, check out the following list of TV shows/movies. I’m willing to bet you’ll love this series if you’ve had an infatuation with any of these!

1. Gossip Girl

If you love fashion-centric, upper west side hoity-toity bitchiness with a bunch of drama based around wealth and love, Katy’s drive to be a fashion designer to the posh and famous will lure you in.

2. Fame

If you’re a fan of talent-based shows/movies like Fame – then you’ll love Katy Keene’s talented friends like Josie and Jorge! There are sure to be plenty of song numbers in this series for us to enjoy/

3. The Devil Wears Prada

Katy’s boss at a high-end department store, Lacy’s, is almost exactly like Miranda Priestly. Look forward to seeing Katy and her boss go head-to-head throughout the series.

4. Pretty Little Liars

This one is obvious. If you love Lucy Hale then you owe it to yourself to give Katy Keene a shot!

5. Famous In Love

I was bummed when Famous In Love was canceled! I loved watching Bella Thorne’s character get discovered and become a big star. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Katy, Josie, and Jorge/Ginger reach their goals!

6. Smash

Another awesome show about show business and making dreams come true that was cut short.

7. Pose

If you’re passionate about LGBTQ rights and are into shows like Pose, your heart will go out to Jorge as he struggles to be seen for his talent and not his gender or sexuality.

8. Burlesque

Singing, dancing, and a little bit of sexy. The pilot episode alone featured all of that!

9. Sex & the City

Even though all of the characters will have a lot going on, in the end, it’s about the core friendships of the show just like Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha.

10. Riverdale

Who knows how much is going to carry over with Josie from Riverdale. Hopefully, she leaves all of that Gargoyle King weirdness behind her. But if you loved Josie and wish you saw more of her, now you will!

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