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Glee-alums Heather Morris and Damian McGinty reunite in the adorable holiday movie, Santa Fake now available on DVD and OnDemand.

Pat Keeley (Celtic Thunder’s Damian McGinty), an undocumented Irish immigrant heads to New York where, unbeknownst to him, takes a job working for a crime boss (John Rhys-Davies). When he’s asked to deliver two mysterious briefcases, the innocent and panicked Pat ends up in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In the new locale, Pat finds himself a cozy place to stay and a job as a shopping mall Santa Claus, which provides the perfect disguise from both the authorities and the gangsters who are chasing him.

Pat welcomes the spirit of Christmas, friendship from his landlady and mall workers, and romance with Emily (Heather Morris). It turns out the white beard and red suit doesn’t just help Pat out of the jam he’s in, but it also leads him to find his true calling.

I’m a sucker for a good holiday movie, but after seeing the trailer, I didn’t have high hopes. The trailer had poor sound and felt amateurish, but the movie surprised me. McGinty carried the film and the script was endearing. Set to a soundtrack also led by McGinty, Santa Fake is full of comedy, charm, and sentiment.

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Starring: Damian McGinty, Heather Morris, John Rhys-Davies, Judd Nelson, Jeff Fahey, Tony Amendola, Gary Farmer, Soledad Saint Hilaire, and Pancho Moler.

Written & Directed By: J.M. Burris
Produced By: Chad Burris (Indion Film), Matthew Hanson & Jonathan Marsh Delaney (Dirt Floor Revival), Jasper Zweibel and Nani Rivera
Original Score: Ryan Beveridge
Run Time: Approx. 86 minutes
Rating: Not Rated

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