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Chaz Cardigan has been using quarantine to keep shooting out music that feels incredibly relevant to the times we’re in. Today, the singer-songwriter released “Everything’s Wrong”, which is the first of a 4-part music video series.

Earlier this year, Chaz released his debut EP, Vulnerabilia, which dealt with panic disorders and anxiety. Chaz’s new song is optimistic in saying we may be down, but we’re not broken. The music video for “Everything’s Wrong” was directed by Haoyan of America (crumb, Cautious Clay), and features a scanned 3D model of Chaz coming to life.

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Haoyan explains, “We approached the videos as a four-part series (quadrilogy) to support Chaz’s upcoming project. Each subsequent video loosely relates to and builds on the previous ones. The series will touch on topics like technological hubris, infinite regress, and memory.”

“Everything’s Wrong”, like all of Chaz’s music, is like taking a filter off a photo. Like those Instagram vs. Reality posts we see, Chaz displays all of our human flaws as well as the world’s, but he always delivers this dose of reality with optimism: “Everything’s all wrong, but I’ve never been better.”

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Watch the Music Video for "Everything's Wrong"!

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