Video of the Week: Kalliah – “Charade”

Kalliah (pronounced Kah-lee-ya) is an emerging pop artist originally from Canada, but now living in Los Angeles.  Her wild blonde curls with a streak of pink are the perfect reflection of Kalliah's personality and music. Getting her start in Nashville as a songwriter and backup singer, Kalliah is now kicking butt as a pop artist. Her most recent music video, "Charade", sends a message about how easily we're taken in by technology. 

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Video of the Week: Steve Aoki & Backstreet Boys – “Let It Be Me”

Critically acclaimed producer, DJ, and artist, Steve Aoki's latest callaboration is with the Backstreet Boys. With a clubworthy beat and harmonies BSB is known for, "Let It Be Me" is a hit ... even if we don't exactly understand the lyrics or how it ties into the music video, which premiered this morning. Either way, we love the song and the heartfelt stories in the video ... plus, we're all crushing on Howie D. today as he takes lead and looks rather dapper in his blue suit! Check out the video below and let us know what you think on our socials: @StarShineMag!

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Song of the Week: O-Town – “Off”

MTV premiered O-Town's music video for "Off" this past weekend and now we have it available on our YouTube channel.  "Off" is the band's new album "The O.T.W.N. Album" which dropped on August 2nd. The catchy tune instantly grabs you from the start and the colorful video is no different.  Check it out below!

Maejor Premieres New Video “I Love You” Featuring Greeicy

Today, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter-producer, Maejor released the official video for his new hit single, “I Love You” with Columbian superstar Greeicy. "I Love You" is a laid-back summer jam that brings all the feels.  Inspired by sound therapy, the track is the first mainstream single to introduce 432Hz healing frequency into commercial music. “Today, it is my…

The CW Releases Extended Trailer for Katy Keene

Upcoming show Katy Keene, based on the Archie Comics of the same name, is set to be a part of The CW's mid-season 2020 lineup. Starring Lucy Hale (Pretty Little Liars) as the title character, Ashleigh Murray reprising her Riverdale role of Josie McCoy, Jonny Beauchamp (Penny Dreadful) as Jorge/Ginger Lopez, and Julia Chan (Saving Hope)…

Riverdale Season 3 Bloopers

The CW recently made a "Riverdale" season 3 blooper reel that premiered at San Diego Comic Con last week available on YouTube. Enjoy your favorite cast members breaking character and having some laughs. We also get to see a few appearances by the late Luke Perry whom we all miss as Archie's dad, Fred Andrews.

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