Sexy Movie Star Dads That Make Us Swoon

In honor of Father’s Day, we put together a list of sexy movie star dads for you to gawk at. All of these guys were hot before they were dads, but seeing the love they have for their children has pushed them over the top.

Battle of the Child Stars

In our recent podcast episode about Child Stars, we asked our guest, former child star herself, Anna Sundstrand (girl group Play) to choose between several groups of child stars. We also gave our social media followers the same “Child Star Blitz”. Here are the results!

10 of the Hottest Sitcom Dads

When I was a tiny tot, I didn't pay attention to the sexiness of a character/actor on my favorite TV shows. Sure, I may have thought Zack Morris was cool and even cute -- I had older sisters so I was pretty much born into being boy crazy! But even as I grew into my tween…

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