You are currently viewing Announcement: StarShine Magazine – The Podcast!

When StarShine Magazine launched in 2001, we didn’t have the technology at our fingertips that we do today, but we still tried to bring our readers audio and video whenever we could!

With this relaunch, we want to move with the times and make our featured stars more accessible to you and at the same time, make ourselves more accessible.

Now, there are many more platforms to get involved with StarShine than ever before… from Spotify playlists, YouTube videos, and playlists, and now, our very own podcast!

The podcast will be hosted by me, Sandy Lo, and will feature audio clips from interviews and guests. Plus, I will be talking about various pop culture topics!

The first episode will air later this week and I’ll be discussing the ’90s! The music, the movies, and the fads. My first guest will be O-Town‘s Jacob Underwood, so make sure you follow the podcast on Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts and interact with us to let me know what topics you want to hear about.

Listen to the StarShine Magazine Podcast below or wherever you listen to podcasts!