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Endless is a young adult drama that came out today. Starring Alexandra Shipp (Love, Simon, X-Men franchise) and Nicholas Hamilton (Dear White People), Endless is the story of a tragic first love ripped apart by death.

Ghost meets Romeo & Juliet in this bittersweet romance when Riley (Shipp) and boyfriend Chris (Hamilton) get into a car accident, which kills him and leaves her blaming herself. 

While Riley falls into a dark hole of grief and depression, she soon finds out there is a way she can be with Chris again. Somehow when she sketches, Chris’ spirit can get through to her. She can hear him and eventually see and touch him.

When Riley and Chris vocalize their other side connection to their friends, well, in Chris’ case, a dead kid named Jordan (DeRon Horton), who shows him the ropes, everyone becomes concerned for what this might mean.

For Riley, her friends worry they’re losing her, and frankly, that she’s losing it. As for Jordan, he wonders if there’s some catch to Chris’ discovery.

Alexandra Shipp
Alexandra Shipp in Endless. / Quiver Distribution.

Solidifying my Romeo & Juliet connection, even when Chris was alive, his and Riley’s romance was mildly forbidden. It was obvious Riley’s parents weren’t too happy with her dating a guy who drove a motorcycle and encourages her to pursue art instead of law.

After Chris’ death, the strong hold he still has on Riley takes “forbidden romance” to another level. Not only do their friends disapprove, but Chris’ mother (Famke Janssen) is upset by Riley’s presence since it’s a constant reminder of what she had lost.

What is most impressive about Endless is Alexandra Shipp. She made every emotion Riley felt come to life. The pain was written on her face and tangled in her body language that it was hard to remember she was acting.

While I enjoyed Nicholas Hamilton in this role, it felt like he was supposed to be somewhat of a bad boy, and I wasn’t buying that. It’s not his fault he has an angelic face. But hey, that turned out to be fitting for the role after his character’s death anyway. 😂

The message of the film for me was about fighting to be alive and for yourself rather than fighting for love that drains you, and I liked that.

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Synopsis, Star Rating + Trailer

Endless follows love struck high school graduates Riley (Alexandra Shipp) and Chris (Nicholas Hamilton). 

When they are separated by a tragic car accident, Riley blames herself for her boyfriend’s death while Chris is stranded in limbo.

Miraculously, the two find a way to connect. In a love story that transcends life and death, both Riley and Chris are forced to learn the hardest lesson of all: letting go.

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Starring: Alexandra Shipp, Nicholas Hamilton, DeRon Horton and Famke Janssen
Directed by: Scott Speer
Written by: O’Neil Sharma and Andre Case
Produced by:  Gabriela Bacher, Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Kevin Dewalt, Sean Finegan
Genre: Romance, Drama

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