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It’s good to add to your holiday music collection every year. Since I love pop music and most Christmas music is on the bubbly side, you can bet I can’t wait until December comes to roll out my favorite classics by The Beach Boys, Elvis, The Chipmunks, and of course, Mariah Carey, 98 Degrees, Britney Spears, Hanson, and Jessica Simpson.

Every year, I search for new songs to add to my mega holiday playlist. You can listen to my full Poppy Holidays Playlist on Spotify, which has 170+ festive tunes. From classics to cheese to all four parts of Adam Sandler’s “The Chanukah Song”, I’ve covered a wide range of music.

This year, 14 new songs made it to my list. To highlight these tracks and share with my readers some new music this year, I created a separate 2019 holiday playlist for you. Kicking off with Alessia Cara’s breakup song “Make It To Christmas” and keeping with the theme is Liam Payne’s “All I Want (For Christmas)”. Mr. Christmas himself, Michael Buble makes the list with his rendition of “White Christmas”. Lea Michele’s “Christmas In New York” brings a theatrical feel for all of those Broadway/Glee loving folks.

Five Star Iris changes the pace with a fun rock rendition of “The Dreidel Song” and finishing the list is the cheeky romantic collaboration from Julianne Hough and Jordan Fisher. If you haven’t seen the duo dance to the song on the TV special, “Holidays with the Houghs”, I highly recommend it.

Other tracks are provided by Mabel, In Real Life, Carson Lueders, Celtic Woman, Damian McGinty, and Katy Perry.

Listen below and shout at me @StarShineMag or @AuthorSandyLo if there are any songs I missed!

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