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When I was a tiny tot, I didn’t pay attention to the sexiness of a character/actor on my favorite TV shows. Sure, I may have thought Zack Morris was cool and even cute — I had older sisters so I was pretty much born into being boy crazy!

But even as I grew into my tween years, I sometimes overlooked some major hotness by swooning over just the teen heartthrobs on the shows I loved.

Thanks to apps like Hulu and Amazon Prime, I’m able to go back and find comfort in old sitcoms like Growing Pains, Step By Step, and Who’s The Boss? …But as an adult, I’m also recognizing the DILF status of the male patriarchs in these family-friendly sitcoms I cherish.

These men are not only good-looking, but they’re loving, funny, and reliable who know how to turn on the charm, be there for their kids, and hold down a full-time job!

Check out my list of Hot Dads below and share your picks in the comments!

Andy Griffith and Ron Howard10. Andy Griffith

Sheriff Andy Taylor on “The Andy Griffith Show” was not only fair to his Mayberry constituents, but he was a loving, kind, and fair father to little Opie. As a single father, Andy was always teaching his son — and Deputy Barney Fife — valuable life lessons, all while looking good in a uniform and being sought after by all of the single women in their small town.




Terry Crews as Julius Rock

9. Terry Crews

Playing the fictionalized version of Chris Rock’s father, Julius on the show “Everybody Hates Chris”, Terry Crews brought humor and like-ability to the character… and a helluva body we’re sure the real Julius didn’t have. The character’s big smile along with his loyal, loving, and protective nature, even if at times intimidating, overrides his frugal ways to make this list.




Ted Wass and Mayim Bialik8. Ted Wass

“Blossom” focused on the eponymous teenage girl (Mayim Bialik), but made her onscreen brother (Joey Lawrence) into a ’90s teen idol. Now looking back, the apple didn’t fall too far from the tree… Joey must have gotten his good-looks and charm from his onscreen old man, Nick Russo played by Ted Wass. He even wore an earring and was a musician, solidifying his “cool dad” status.




My Two Dads7. Greg Evigan

“My Two Dads” introduced a new kind of family to America in the late ’80s. Starring Paul Reiser as Michael, the more conservative father figure in 12-year-old Nicole’s (Staci Keanan) life, and Joey (Greg Evigan) as the hot starving artist ladies man with George Michael-esque sex appeal. It wasn’t hard to fall for Greg Evigan in this role — everyone loves a playboy turned family man! ?





Grandfathered6. Josh Peck

2015’s sitcom “Grandfathered” introduced us to a more mature, slimmer Josh Peck than we were used to in “Drake & Josh”. Peck had to contend with fellow DILF John Stamos on the show, but their father-son relationship brought on plenty of laughs and heart string-pulling moments, along with Peck’s love for his onscreen daughter, Edie.



my wife and kids5. Damon Wayans

Growing up, I was used to seeing Damon Wayans as Homie the Clown and didn’t quite notice his handsomeness until he starred in his own sitcom “My Wife and Kids”. Suddenly, Wayans was seen in a whole new light as not just a comedian, but a sexy husband and a teasing, but caring father.



Growing Pains4. Alan Thicke

Jason Seaver on “Growing Pains” was a TV dad that always stands out in people’s minds. He had a PhD, gave good advice, made cheesy dad jokes, put Mike in his place, and still maintained a nice head of hair! Alan’s real-life son, Robin Thicke, was thankfully blessed with his father’s good looks.



step by step3. Patrick Duffy

While Frank Lambert on “Step By Step” can be a bit of a bumbling idiot, there is something super appealing about the father of 6 with his rough around the edges, horn dog ways and flannel shirts.



full house2. John Stamos

Even though Bob Saget was the main dad on “Full House”, Uncle Jesse (Stamos) was the cooler, MUCH hotter father figure on the show. He had the hair, the band, the motorcycle, and those “have mercy” lips our young hormones picked up on even back then when boys still had cooties.


who's the boss1. Tony Danza

“Who’s The Boss?” needs to be made available in its entirety somewhere! It’s too good not to watch repeatedly and introduce the amazing sexual tension between Tony Micelli (Danza) and Angela Bower (Judith Light) to new audiences. Flipping the male-female social roles, Tony was hired as the housekeeper for wealthy advertising exec, Angela, as a way to support him and his daughter. Tony Danza’s Italian macho physique, skills in the kitchen and around the house along with his amazing compassion, infectious smile, and love for his family and friends is what makes him #1 on our list.